Are you are a lover of or probably a budding enthusiast? Whatever your level of art-love, you are just in the right place. This blog has been created with you in mind; to help you understand and appreciate art better.

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The Most Famous Paintings

There are art pieces that have at some point gripped the world’s attention. People travel far and wide to just lay eyes on them, others pay a fortune to get even just replicas of the same. These pieces are usually under tight security and often make tours around the world for fans to appreciate them. Get in for a chance to know them by their names and the artists they are linked with.

Greatest Painters of All Time

The likes of Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh are among the artists that made the world stop and stare with their works. This section takes you through a list of some of the most celebrated artists and the works that earned them so much respect. Once you are done here, you won’t be an art newbie anymore.

Importance of Reading Reviews about Paintings

Reviews are just about the safest way to get information about any product, paintings included. This section takes you through the importance of reading at reviews and where you can find the same.

Best Museums to Find Paintings In

Art will probably take you across the world if you intend to see the best pieces. It would be devastating if you happened to be in a town and failed to visit a great painting just because you do not know that it is located there.

How to Earn From Your Paintings

This is probably the juiciest part of the site as it has valuable lessons on how you can make money from your paint works. Learn some practices to thrust you to the next level.